Guess what…

… Today marks a month that I swapped the Kiwi for a Frog and moved overseas! It has definitely flown by with the various activities, sight-seeing and meeting of people that has occurred, not to mention a bit of Uni in between. This week was a great one but I will try to keep the writing … More Guess what…

Manger | Eat

For those of you who know me not even that well you will know I am a total foodie. I can challenge my brothers to any amount of eating and often win. So it is not exactly the most attractive of things to be good at but I thought I would make you all drool … More Manger | Eat

Oh La La

This week I was brought back to reality just a bit… French administration is notorious for being slow and overly bureaucratic which I have experienced first-hand. Opening up a bank account has been a long process of which I am still waiting on to be fully completed. Sorting out a French phone is another story … More Oh La La

Le semestre commence | The Semester Begins

This week I started my first and (hopefully) last university semester for my Bachelor’s degree. Let me tell you, it was not at all what I expected! Before I write about how Sciences Po University works, I will give you a quick history lesson on the University…I promise it will be brief! Officially called Institut d’études … More Le semestre commence | The Semester Begins

Mercredi | Wednesday

Today I went to heaven, literally! A couple of friends of mine and I (Yes I have made friends!) took a bus out to Carrefour (crossroads), which is a HUGE shopping centre. The supermarket takes up the most space and is ridiculous! I love supermarkets in foreign countries due to my food obsession and this … More Mercredi | Wednesday